Thursday, January 14

Project 14


Recycle Kids Art Projects Into Children's Hospital Greeting Cards

What We Did:
Oh, what to do with those wonderfully artistic pictures that you don't want to throw away but --wow -- how many can you save?  With three little kids we have a large stash.  So this idea is one of my new favorites. We transformed 4 paintings into 10 colorful greeting cards for children in the hospital.  I wrote "inspiring" messages on the inside of the cards and the kids added some more color.  We followed the instructions on making approprate cards for patients at  the Los Angeles Children's Hospital and dropped them in the mail to hopefully brighten a child's day.

How Long it Took:
Maybe about an four five minutes with cutting included.

How Much it Cost:
$2.40 on postage

Would We Do It Again?
Yes! . . . I just love the idea of a young patient getting a little card sent up to their room with their meal.  It was supper easy, rewarding for all of us, inexpensive and it cuts down on clutter.  We took digital photos of their work just so it wasn't too hard to let go of.

Next Time:

I'm sure that most Children' Hospitals have similar programs.  I have a fondness, for many reasons, to this one in L.A.


  1. This is such a FANTASTIC idea! We will call Childrens Memorial here in Chicago to see if they have a similar program! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

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  3. Hi, I would like to know are those cards made out of construction paper? and did you laminate the cards with plastics? Thank you.